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As a nurturing, empowering and kind program, Bringing Up Great Kids in the First 1000 days is also a mindful, reflective and respectful program. BUGK in the First 1000 days provides an opportunity for expectant and new parents to begin their parenting journey.

Program Content

The program will explore:

  • how the foetus is growing including brain development;
  • how the adults around can support the pregnant parent and growing foetus;
  • brain development in children and its influence on their thoughts and feelings;
  • the child’s, social, emotional, physical and cognitive development;
  • what the young child and family need to ensure the child has the best possible health and wellbeing outcomes;
  • ways for parents to take care of themselves and to find support when needed;
  • important messages parents want to convey to their children.

Date, time and locations

When and Where

When: Varies
Where: Mallabula Hall

Booking Required: Yes. Call 4984 5298 to book.