Culture Group
Culture Group
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Group Details

Culture Group at Raymond Terrace & Karuah.

Come along and learn about your local culture.

Culture Group is run by the Aboriginal Team at Port Stephens Family and Neighbourhood Services.

Have fun after school and make friends cooking, doing art and crafts and playing sports. This group is open to all school age children and their families.

Runs every school term commencing the 2nd week of each term.

If you have any questions, give Rachel a call on 02 4987 4674.

Afternoon tea is provided. No booking required, just come on down.

Date, time and locations

When and Where


When: Mondays
Time: 3.30pm-5pm
Where: Karuah Aboriginal Community Hall

Booking Required: No

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Raymond Terrace

When: Tuesdays
Time: 3.30pm-5pm
Where: 3 Phillip Road, Raymond Terrace

Booking required: No

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