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Discovering Relationships Using Music – Beliefs, Emotions, Attitudes, & Thoughts

What is Drumbeat?

The Holyoake DRUMBEAT Program is an evidence based intervention program used widely across Australia and New Zealand with ‘at risk’ young children, youth and adults. DRUMBEAT explores relationship issues central to healthy relationships and lifestyles in a structured format that extends across 10 one hour sessions. In Australia the program is a recognised unit of curriculum and delivered as a course of study in ‘personal development’.

The Holyoake DRUMBEAT program is delivered in both primary and secondary schools as well as in adolescent and children’s mental health services, children’s hospitals, juvenile detention facilities, child trauma services, drug and alcohol services, eating disorder units, refugee trauma units and special needs schools. Facilitators complete either a three day accredited workshop or the online training program.

The program explores relationship issues such as:

  • Peer Pressure
  • Identity
  • Bullying
  • Teamwork
  • Dealing With Emotions
  • Social Responsibilities

DRUMBEAT engages participants quickly through the modem of music. It is physical, providing an avenue for the release of inner tension. The program provides a sense of connectedness with self and others.

Drumbeat is FUN!

Date, time and locations

When and Where

When: Varies
Where: Various Children’s Groups and Schools in Port Stephens

Booking Required: Yes