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Leaving a violent and abusive relationship can be hard. It may mean having to move to a new area and having to start life over with a new home, new job and new school for the kids. You may also be short on money and not in a good mental health headspace.

These are only some of the reasons why women stay in an abusive relationship. Leaving the situation can be pretty stressful and overwhelming, especially with little or no support.

How the program can help you

The aim of the Staying Home Leaving Violence program is to prevent you and your children becoming homeless or having to move away from your support system of family and friends, and the school and community where you live.

The program works in cooperation with NSW Police to remove the perpetrator (the violent partner) from the family home so that you and your children can stay safely where you are. It provides a range of support, such as safety planning, improving home security, help in managing finances, support for children, and helping you with the complicated legal process.

The providers of the program understand that it’s the violent person – your partner or ex-partner – who is responsible for their own abusive behaviour and is committing a crime by hurting you and or your children.

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Raymond Terrace

When: Monday to Friday
Time: By Appointment
Where: 3 Phillip Street, Raymond Terrace or we can come to you!

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