Legal Advice Virginia Taylor
Legal Advice Virginia Taylor
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Virginia Taylor Partners have an office at Phillip Street and offer FREE onsite legal advice.

Services include:

Family Law

We take a very practical approach to matters involving family.  To this end, we will be direct with you about your options when you have matters that involve your family.  We take a non-judgmental approach to families and will listen and advise with impartiality.  Our experience with matters involving children is wide-ranging.   Our view is, if your matter can be resolved without needing to go to Court, then that’s usually the best option.  In some cases you will be able to apply for Legal Aid from our Office.

We appear in matters that involve:

  • Drawing up Consent Orders between parties who do not need to go to Court
  • Mediation
  • Parenting Plans
  • Pre- nuptial advice
  • All Family Court Appearances

Care & Protection

This is a specialised area that involves matters where Community Services (formerly DOCS), have removed your child or children.  These matters typically occur in the Children’s Court, and on Appeal in the District Court.  We act for parents, grandparents, other relatives of children who have been removed, carers and children.  In some cases you will be able to apply for Legal Aid through our Office.

We appear in matters involving:

  • s90 Recession/Variation
  • Contact Orders
  • Joinder Applications
  • All Children’s Court appearances and Hearings.
  • All District Court appearances and Hearings.

Appointments can be made on 4987 7111, appointments will take place at  5 Phillip St, Raymond Terrace.

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When: By appointment
Time: By appointment

Where: 5 Phillip St, Raymond Terrace

Phone: 4987 7111