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    Phillip St Office

    3 & 5 Phillip Street,
    Raymond Terrace, NSW 2324

    Services at Phillip Street include Child, Youth and Family counselling, casework and psychology services, Staying Home Leaving Violence casework and psychology services, Early Childhood groups and programs, parent groups, parenting and domestic violence programs and Aboriginal groups.

    Ph: 02 4987 4674
    Fax: 02 4987 3938

    Drop In / Neighbourhood Centre

    3 Jacaranda Avenue,
    Raymond Terrace, NSW 2324

    Services at Jacaranda Avenue include Emergency Financial Relief Services, Homelessness Services, Financial Counselling, Head Space Extra, DV counselling and other visiting services.

    Ph: 02 4987 1331
    Fax: 02 4983 1794

    The Deck - Youth Drop-In Centre

    1a Kangaroo Street,
    Raymond Terrace, NSW 2324

    Youth Focused Mondays – Open Mondays 10am – 4pm.
    The Deck Youth Drop In –  Open
    Wednesday afternoons 2.30pm – 6pm.

    Ph: 02 4987 6204

    Mallabula Hall

    Mallabula Hall
    Lemon Tree Passage Road
    Mallabula, NSW 2319

    Services include Early Childhood groups and programs, parent groups and after school groups.

    Ph: 02 4984 5298