How your donation helps

Donating to your community and helping to create good memories for children.
Donations $2 and over are tax deductible.

Port Stephens Family and Neighbourhood Services support many children and young people. Issues of mental health, domestic violence, homelessness, child safety and financial hardship mean some children do not get the same opportunities as everyone else.

Because of their families’ struggles they do without – without sport because of the fees and uniforms, without holidays because of the costs, without music or dance lessons because of the fees, costumes, instruments, and sometimes even without education because the stress makes it too hard to cope in the classroom. They sometimes live in homes where mum and dad are fighting at night and they go to school with lots of worries in their mind finding it hard to
concentrate and learn.

Help us to make a difference

Early adversity, not only affects the conditions of children’s lives, it can also alter the physical development of their brains.

With the right support children who grow up in the most painful circumstances can go on to achieve amazing things.

We are asking for your help to create some good memories for these children and young people, to offer opportunities to follow their passions, indeed to find out what their passions are.



Here’s how you can help and make a donation:

Step 1 – Bank Deposit

Please reference your deposit with your full name. You may also keep your donation anonymous if you do not require a tax receipt.
BSB: 650 300
Account Number: 519 429 508

Step 2 – Contact us for a receipt

Please send an email to so we can respond quickly and send you a receipt.

Donations $2 and over are tax deductible.

Food Donations

Help us make sure everyone in Port Stephens has enough to eat and won’t go to bed hungry. Families who are struggling in our community need help to feed their children; people who are homeless need food they can eat wherever they have found a place to sleep…

We are fortunate in Port Stephens to receive Oz Harvest.

We suggest the best ingredients you can donate to add to this. However, in the case of our homeless clients, even if they are able to source or pay for temporary accommodation, units generally do not have microwaves…so we do need to be creative! And let’s do it – we don’t want any children in our LGA to go to school hungry.

Backpacks of Care

For children and young people
Help us make sure that children leaving their home because of domestic violence have a little of what they need.


Every donation is greatly appreciated and makes a big difference.
Thank you for helping to assist and strengthen our community.